Kit Cat Kid - Children's Poem - Nursery Rhyme


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Nursie says today I am to have an early bath
She's drawn it up and filled it full before a blazing hearth
I do not care for being clean
I do not wish to wash
There is no need to primp and preen
Nor in the water splosh

But Nursie says she can't concur
With what I REASONABLY aver
She's lunging at me with big jugs
And scrubbing hard behind my lugs

Her claim's they're full of cabbages - which REALLY ticks me off
I NEVER go near vegetables - they're NOT my sort of scoff
She shrieks that I'm a "dashed cross-patch"
Who should "Sit still !" and be "Less shrill !"
And never - NEVER - scratch !

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so cool! ;) anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? :))
By alicekok 4 years ago