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    Rescue Part1


    by blakes7rocks

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    Wow! The new ship may not be that great but the new guns aren't so bad!
    By crazyivanjack3 years ago
    wow, new title sequence! And new logo too! Shame it turned out to be the last season.
    By harrietamidala16916 years ago
    Also if your a doctor who fan you can spot the reused Sea Devil
    By blakes7rocks7 years ago
    Billy mostly harmless
    no good deed goes unpunished, i hear that
    By Billy mostly harmless7 years ago
    Billy mostly harmless
    With the Liberator destroyed, the crew are stranded on the mysterious planet Terminal. The only means of escape lies in Servalan's ship which she has conveniently booby trapped along with everything else and Cally is killed in the ensuing explosions. Soon, a ship arrives called Scorpio piloted by a shady salvage operator named Dorian. With moments before the whole planet explodes, Avon and Tarrant force Dorian at gun point to get them off world. Dorian takes them back to his elaborate underground base on the planet Xenon where they meet his partner, Soolin. Once settled in, Dorian sabotages the team's weapons and then reveals his plans for Orac to help build a working teleport system for his ship. He also holds another dark secret — a bizarre immortal connection to a life-draining entity that lurks in the caverns below his base, and which he intends to sacrifice the Liberator crew.
    Note: This episode was inspired by Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray.
    By Billy mostly harmless7 years ago
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