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    Annette Brissette - Betrayed

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    Annette Brissette is a singer of the females duo Love Joys....
    Wackies LP #W 1723 198X
    Record date : 198X

    Playlist :
    Forever Loving Jah
    Baby I Need Your Loving
    What A Feeling
    He's My God
    Jumping Up And Down
    Love Power

    Recording Engineer : Fabian Cooke
    Engineer : Douglas Levy & Owen 'Fox' Stewart & Bullwackie
    Mixing Engineer : Bullwackie & Fabian Cooke

    Producer : Bullwackie
    Arranger : Fabian Cooke

    Vocals : Annette Brissette
    Backing Vocals : Sugar Minott & Love Joys & Annette Brissette
    Drums : Fabian Cooke
    Bass : Fabian Cooke
    Rhythm Guitar : Fabian Cooke
    Lead Guitar : Fabian Cooke
    Piano : Fabian Cooke
    Organ : Fabian Cooke
    Synthesiser : Fabian Cooke
    Percussions : Annette Brissette & Ras Menilik Dacosta & Jerry Harris & Owen 'Fox' Stewart
    Composer : Fabian Cooke

    Studios :
    Recording : Wackie's (New York, USA)