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    #1 Mistake Made When Entering The Criminal Justice System?


    by legalfaces

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    Video Transcript:
    The number one mistake that people make when they are confronted with the criminal justice system is thinking that they can handle it on their own. It's no big deal. If I just explain, with my golden tongue, what my circumstances are, everybody will say forget it, and let's go home. That does not happen. It is critical at moment one, if not sooner, to get an experienced attorney on your side, to protect you, to advise you. Too many times people make all kinds of statements. They think they're helping themselves. They're hurting themselves. Get an attorney right away. Follow what that attorney says, and let the attorney do his or her job. I'm Sam Goldberg, lead counsel for criminal defense matters at Altman and Altman in Cambridge, MA. I have 25 years of experience. If you're in trouble and you need someone in your corner who cares and will fight for you, give me a call.