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    Will I Go To Prison For Vehicular Assault In Massachusetts?


    by legalfaces

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    Video Transcript:
    You can go to jail for a conviction for vehicular assault in Massachusetts. Just like any other criminal case, particularly an assault case. Remember, you're looking at felony charges, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. It's one of the most dangerous weapons. It's not a gun, but it can crush and kill people very easily. So whether or not you end up going to jail is going to depend on the facts and circumstances and frankly your representation. And what you present before the court, for the judge to take into account, if there is a conviction, for your sentencing. Im Sam Goldberg, lead counsel for criminal defense matters, at Altman and Altman in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I have twenty-five years of experience. If youre in trouble and you need someone in your corner, who cares, and will fight for you, give me a call.