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    Dos Ambientes

    Rodrigo Pardo

    por Rodrigo Pardo

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    Script, choreography and direction: Rodrigo Pardo
    Camera and editing: Guiye Fernandez
    Text: Lucia Bianco
    Dancers: Gabriela Lavagnino, Cristina Cortes, Josefina Lamarre, Noelia Leonzio, Diego Poblete,Rodrigo Pardo
    Music: Miguel Rausch

    This dance-video was filmed in the own choreographer’s flat. It tells how the dance piece Cuadrado Negro Sobre Fondo Negro was made (created in the living room of the same apartment and put into scene after that) and simultaneously presents the real situations that motivated the piece before mentioned. Filmed with a single camera and with a very low production budget, 2 AMBIENTES is a testimony of the artists’ universe, including argentine tango, suprematist painting and even a fight scene at the Batman&Robin style.

    If places are filled with the events that have taken place there, how many stories would fit into a 30m² flat?

    International Dance Video Festival DanceCameraIstanbul 07 (Jury Prize)
    Cinedans Festival 2006, The Netherlands (Jury Prize)