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    A Hate Video For YouTube


    by Sonic24601

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    This is a brief video being used to vent about YouTube. Naruto helps me come up with a nasty letter to send to YouTube. In the spirit of the Naruto AMV posted earlier, Naruto lip-syncs Jason Mewes' dialogue from "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back."
    P.S. I didn't actually send that letter to YouTube's customer service. Hence the "hate video" as opposed to the hate mail. And I don't entirely hate YouTube, I simply despise them enough to create this video to vent.
    P.P.S. It's been some time since I originally posted this video, but it's one of my most viewed videos on here so I figured I'd add some new comments. . .
    YouTube is still taking down videos featuring content from Sonic X for TMS, even though the series may be done for good.
    Further more, not even people who voice the video parodies themselves are safe on YouTube. Naztradamix, the creator of "The Juggernaut Bitch" video referenced in the movie "X-3," was one of many video parody makers who suddenly got banned from YouTube because of "copyright violations" for their parodies.