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    par JO GATSBY

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    Jacky Jimmy
    The CIAC in Pont-Aven and The Musée des Beaux Arts would have been perfect venues for this show - if only the directors of both had a little bit more imagination. I made 5, self-financed 600km round trip visits to Pont-Aven between January and August 2009 trying to secure the best venue and almost everywhere I went I was cold-shouldered. But I persevered because that's what Gauguin would have done. The best I could get in the end was the venue you see in this film though it was - with it's compromising background to the right - hardly suitable. The sacrifices made getting the show to Pont-Aven first were all about paying homage to Gauguin. Gauguin was hardly made welcome at all when he was alive - only after his death and the building of his legend did Pont-Aven claim him as one of their own, though in reality he brings in millions of tourists who spend a fortune there. I think I had a glimpse of how he must have felt.
    Par Jacky JimmyIl y a 6 ans
    Par JO GATSBYIl y a 6 ans