Benjamin Albert Rolfe & His Orchestra - Deep Hollow

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Rolfe (1879-1956) was an American musician who went on to be a bandleader, recording artist, radio personality and film producer. At a young age he played the piccolo and cornet in his father's band, touring the U.S. East Coast as well as Europe. In the early part of the 20th century, he worked in vaudeville. In 1915, B.A. Rolfe turned his talents to the film business, establishing his own production company. His film company's last production was the 1919 15-part mystery serial, The Master Mystery. After leaving the film business, B.A. Rolfe quickly reestablished himself in the music business and by 1926 had assembled his own New York City dance orchestra to perform at a Broadway cabaret called the Palais D'Or. By 1928 he was performing on radio and recording. In 1935-36, Rolfe was the leader of The Goodrich Silvertown Orchestra. His radio broadcasts ran until the late 30's. This fabulous record was made in 1928.

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Genia, this HOT piece it is a little crazy indeed, be careful when you BURN it!
Par kspm0220s il y a 5 ans
Bostonblakie, it has some of that atmosphere to it.
Par kspm0220s il y a 5 ans
Ginny, great you liked this energetic and bright tune and the posters :-), thank you.
Par kspm0220s il y a 5 ans
Indeed Lou, this a very late Edison recording although not a direct disc transfer; it is a reworked posting from my other "pre-war" channel...
Par kspm0220s il y a 5 ans
Sounds like it may have been a cartoon soundtrack.
Par Boston Blackie il y a 5 ans
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