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    Motherboard: Stylophone, with Little Boots


    by VICE UK

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    VBS.TV meets Brian Jarvis a.k.a “Mr Stylophone”, inventor of the Dubreq Stylophone, an instrument that became recognized as an innovation by forward thinking artists such as David Bowie, Kraftwerk and Pulp. NME Journalist and Synth enthusiast Jaimie Hodgson travels to North London to meet Brian and talk about the birth of the instrument and its journey to cult status.

    We meet up with the eclectic range of fans that have helped make the Stylophone the phenomenon that it is - including a Stylophone orchestra, a comedian and self-professed synth geek and pop sensation Little Boots.

    Jamie discovers the history of the Stylophone and finds out how it grew from a cheap wooden toy into a must have affordable and accessible synthesizer through first hand stories with its original inventor and its current pop ambassador.

    Stylophone: coming to on Monday