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    Final Fantasy 7 Speedrun partie 70


    par Alonso62

    189 vues
    Voici la 70ème partie du speedrun de Final Fantasy VII réalisé sur PC, plus de renseignements sur ce lien:

    Commentaires de l'auteur de ce speedrun:

    Segment 70 -

    For whatever reason, getting out of that chair is really hard on the PC version. I think it's because my keyboard is really sensitive, and it notices slight timing differences between two buttons, that I am trying to hit at the same time. So I found that if I just held the next buttons I need to push, while she is doing the previous action, I always mess up twice on the same animation, but at least it is consistent. It is also much better than I normally did, even if it isn't perfect. It only costs me a couple seconds to do it this way, versus if I had done it perfectly.

    PS: Je ne suis pas l'auteur de ce speedrun

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