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    ToolClad Power Tool Covers


    by EagleWoodworking

    130 views Protect your cast iron and steel tool tables from spills and corrosion with Tool Clad Magnetic Tool Covers. These thick plastic covers adhere magnetically to seal out humidity and spills and are thick enough to cushion the surfaces from dings and dents from dropped tools. The Table Saw Cover is imprinted with a deluxe protractor guide, drill table, geometric formula chart, wood hardness chart and other useful information plus there's plenty of space to make notes with a dry erase marker. The Band Saw Cover includes a blade guide, blade length calculations, TPI usage guide and minimum blade radius. The Scroll Saw / Drill Press Cover has a 1" grid and concentric circles every 1/2". The Decimal Equivalent Chart converts from English to Metric or Metric to English. USA