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    Final Fantasy 7 Speedrun partie 68


    par Alonso62

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    Voici la 68ème partie du speedrun de Final Fantasy VII réalisé sur PC, plus de renseignements sur ce lien:

    Commentaires de l'auteur de ce speedrun:

    -- Whirlwind Maze --

    Segment 68 -

    I actually the battle with Jenova-DEATH was worse than the battle with Schizo. Though the battle is actually as difficult, or as luck requiring, it takes a lot longer to get to the battle. I decided after I had already defeated Schizo that I would use the "perfect tactic" against Jenova-DEATH, so I needed to switch to the Power Wrist before the battle, instead of at the end of the previous segment. Unfortunate, but I did not want to have to redo the segment with Schizo. This still saved me huge amounts of time.

    PS: Je ne suis pas l'auteur de ce speedrun

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