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    TV Report: 40,000 Hispanics in America converted to ISLAM

    حفيد الصحابة Saif Al-Islam Omar

    بواسطة حفيد الصحابة Saif Al-Islam Omar

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    TV REPORT: Thousands Catholic Hispanics converted into islam after 9/11..
    Hispanics leaving the Catholic Church and converting to Islam. They call it an "exodus." the number of hispanics Muslims from a Catholic background is growing rapidly. Some of the reasons for their coversion, are the respect towards women, the oneness of God, and the similarity between the Hispanic and the Muslim societies (family values).
    Many latinos were starting to critize and questio the catholic church...

    Latino American Dawah Organization (LADO)

    Photos of Muslim Hispanics :

    More recently, the American Muslim Council in 2006 stated that there are now 200,000 Latino Muslims in the United States. This number is much more accurate than 40,000 because it takes into account the growth of Islam among Latinos since 1997, especially since the 9-11 tragedy...(more)