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    Sit Means Sit Dog Training Basic Obeidence


    by sitmeanssit

    Repetition in anything breeds power. Here you will see a few basic obedience skills performed by Beck in repetition mixed with intervals of play. You will see that we switch toys so that the focus remains on the handler as the source of fun instead of single toy. For example, if your dog has an obsession for the tennis ball, begin to integrate other items at short distances of play and use the tennis ball as the lure on the recall as a reward. Two things take place, first the dog learns to work for his reward and secondly, almost all dogs blast out for the toy on the send out but trot and often times can end up walking back on the recall. By using the dog favorite toy on the recall, he imprints speed making both the send out and recall of equal intensity and speed. More flash and more fun! Give your local Sit Means Sit location a call today to see what they can do for you and your dog. 1 800 748 6748 Aloha & Enjoy Sit Means Sit Hawaii Call for FREE Demo 283 3467 (DOGS)