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    Real Estate Secret Weapon Revealed -


    by MrNetMarketing

    50 views In this video we reveal the power of Xima USA for your Real Estate Business: Why Xima USA? • How many of us shop at stores like Wal-Mart? Why do we shop there? Simply because we love Saving Money. This video reveals how Xima USA will SAVE YOU MONEY in your Real Estate Business • How many people Shop Online? Why do we Shop Online? I shop online mostly because I am lazy and I dont like going through the hassle of going to the store and waiting in line for an item that I don't even know if they have. In this video you will also learn how to SAVE TIME with Xima USA • And the last one is probably the reason why you are watching this presentation and why we are all in Business. To MAKE MORE MONEY. The 7 Top Benefits for YOU •Centralize Real Estate information (P.R., Listings, Foreclosures). Xima saves you time by having all your Real Estate related information centralized in one system. You can search for Public Record Information, Pre-Foreclosure and Foreclosure information, Listings information and more. All from one centralized location. You can also Save Your Searches and Create Templates for your Searches, saving you time. • Search for Properties by Equity (including Listings and REOs). I want you to ask yourself the following question: How Much is a deal with, lets say, more than 50, or 60% is worth to me? Or even; name your own equity. How much is that worth to you? Write it down in a piece of paper and circle. Now I can explain how we achieve this. Our system calculates marketing value on each property in your county by running a full comparable report on each property. We do not use averages, or even tax Assessed Value, we run the comps for every single property and store the Values in a database, allowing you to search by equity. Also, we run our calculation and update these values weekly, so that you get fresh information. • Calculate Properties Values and Run Reports (BPO & PAR) You can Run professional valuation reports for your properties, from the PAR or Property ...