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    RCTV #427:Wonder Con '09 part 2 w/Adam west,Virginia Madsen

    Reality Check TV

    by Reality Check TV

    Its back to San Francisco for more of the annual comics/sci-fi tv, / movie geek, fest!, we chec in with reality check alumni Keith, Knight now a famous, syndicated, cartoonist! Actor geoffrey Lewis best known for his roles in the Clint Eastwood films "Every Which Way But Loose" & "Salem's Lot". Dragon Dave swoons as he meets academy award, nominee Virginia Madson from the new animated Wonder Woman DVD movie,DC/Warner Brothers Animator Bruce Timm,Actor Malachi Throne best known for his role as the villian "False Face" on the 1960's "Batman" TV series and "Star Trek",Then an Exclusive! The classic TV Batman himself Adam West talking about being in the film "Super Capers",His voice work on "Family Guy" and working with the old Batman cast in teh CBS film "Return To the Batcave".