Eleven Ways


by Nicolemma

Shot in the heart of downtown Halifax! No tripod, no special effects, what you see is how we saw it. With our sketch in hand and the sun in the sky, we decided to take Metric to see what makes Halifax one of the most artistic, musical and sensational cities in Canada. Filmed in the Public Gardens, various shops of interest, the Halifax Commons Skatepark, the ferry, Citadel Hill, and on the waterfront. Due to an incredible amount of technical difficulties, we had to save the file in a low quality, so we apologize for the small size and slight blurriness! We had a lot of fun making this video, regardless if we win or not, and we hope you all enjoy it as well. Much love to Josh, Emily, Jimmy and Joules.

Filming done by: Nicole Moore and Emma Findlay
Edited by: Emma Findlay
Poster drawn by: Emma Findlay
Special thanks to that sly fox of ours, Barry.