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    Yes - Close to the Edge, last part - A Celebration 2DVD set


    by TommyGun

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    Hey guys, good to be back! Tommygun's baseball season is now over so now it's time to get back to work! By request I'm uploading more stuff from my DVDs but new stuff is on the way! I also have to be careful about what I upload now because of the battle between Youtube and WMG

    The last third of Close to the Edge performed live at Queen's Park Ranger's stadium in May of 1975. Available on Yes, A Celebration 1969-1979 2DVD set

    This fall I will be releasing a new Pink Floyd 2-DVD set that will focus on the 1970-1977 era. Incredibly, there is not much footage available from the 72-77 so if anyone had any or knows of anyone with home-made footage of the Dark Side of the Moon tour please get in contact with me, thanks.