Hollywood MK Deception 6 Hollywood Handymen

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Zooming in on the "Directors" and "Producers" of these MK littered films, photoshoots, and such are the masters of the cinema. Armed with intelligence, these entertainment masterminds have you hooked on the surface side of things. Remember, these upscale fellows enjoy the perks of the entertainment industry - from the use of slaves to the simple discarding of them. If you have the stomach to return to viewing these films, be on the lookout for mentions of "kittens", "oz", "over the rainbow", the use of the word "home" as in returning to an alternate reality and many other charmed phrases and words. Sound crazy? Yes. It will be intensified once you go back and review any material from hollywood after being armed with the sight to see what is hidden in plain sight. Watch all Hollywood MK Deception videos and enjoy your deprogramming.