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    WARNING: For Patriotic College Students Only

    Reid Baer

    by Reid Baer

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    ... Through profound misunderstanding
    about me – who I was – or what
    language I spoke condemned me to
    an environment, maternal,
    barren, unable to locate

    A clued-in educator for
    my particular temperament.
    I survived, and I pray you will
    too in higher education
    where the air is thinner and the

    Culture suffers from a super-
    abundance of pretentious hacks,
    corner-watchers, hall monitors,
    felonious fragmenters of
    humanity specializing

    In summarized values stuffed through
    a gap in your head and filled with
    vast amounts of information
    void of clarity, grace or form.
    Modern university is

    Out of touch with mainstream reason.
    Simply put, that pillared building
    is grandiose housing for an
    illegitimate bathhouse steeped
    in perverse philosophy taught

    By the elite pied pipers of
    rhetorical progressivism
    cut off from the temple of truth
    distant from the virtuous whole
    far from the wisdom of the soul.