Medicine.Groove.Ozuye.Wan.Lakota song

jean michel wizenne
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In the name of my friend Gerald Thin Elk (Lakota Sioux from Rosebud reservation South Dakota) and incarcerated at the South Dakota State Penitentiary (see the video "interview with a native american prisoner")
This song is called "ozuye wan" (one battle)

Lirycs" Within' my soul there is a war unbetween two dogs. One good dog, one bad dog...the one i will feed will succeed.
Medicine Groove

3 commentaires

Excellent ! Peut-etre le plaisir d'entendre ça en vrai quelque part ???
Par mag tram il y a 5 ans
du blues indien j'aime!!
Par PATATOR il y a 5 ans
AMAZING umi nokfi I thoroughly enjoyed this video, and I'll be checking out anything slse you have out there !!
Itabee Hulsbi Shokmalachi
Par Linda Shining Hawk Stevens il y a 5 ans