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    WILKINS_Te Extrano_The Pain Is All The Same


    by SidiDenak2

    I used the Latino singer, WILKINS song: "Te Extrano" to create this montage due to the death of my beloved Beagle, LUCKY who died of Cancer in January 2008. I vowed that I would never adopt another dog again because the pain within me was just unbearable. I also gained 42 lbs grieving over him but after several months of walking around with a gigantic hole where my heart should have been, I broke down and adoptable another Beagle from an Animal Shelter. His name is MAX and he is an ALPHA MALE. He is so different from my LUCKY. LUCKY was very needy and never left my side whereas MAX is very independent and not half as affectionate as LUCKY was . . . BUT . . . he loves me in his own way and I've accepted him JUST THE WAY HE IS.