16_JRM_The Real Me montage

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Clay Aiken sings this beautiful song THE REAL ME from his "On My Way Here" CD. I used it for a montage about Jonathan Rhys Meyers and his personal problems that he has been having thus turning to alcohol to ease his pain. He had a painful childhood due to his parents being dysfunctional. Now that he is an adult, the pain and hurt that he buried deep within him has now come to the surface. I pray that he finds the right counseling to help him to understand what happened to him during his childhood. Once he understands that "it was not his fault" what happened to him, only then will he see himself as a "stud muffin and bootilicious man" as his fans see him and maybe one day he will be able to find the "love of his life", someone that will love him for himself and not because he's become a famous actor. IMHO, I doubt that many of his fans see the turmoil within him but I believe GOD sees THE REAL ME.