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    UK’s Biggest Bus Operator Announces Install of ...


    by tvcgroup

    The UK’s largest bus operator First UK Bus, has announced the installation of new technology within its entire fleet of 9,000 vehicles that will constantly monitor its drivers’ performance in order to improve driving style. The move follows the successful trial of the ‘DriveGreen’ system in 1000 buses. The system consists of a unique GPS – Motion Sensor technology which is connected to a ‘traffic light’ display on vehicle dashboards. It flashes amber or red if a bus driver carries out poor driving techniques, such as heavy braking or unnecessary acceleration. The driver can then make immediate changes to their driving; this ensures buses travel more smoothly and efficiently, producing fewer CO2 emissions, as well as improving safety. Since the ‘traffic light’ system was introduced, the number of manoeuvres such as heavy braking, cornering too fast or too slow and unnecessary lane changing were reduced by 70%, improving the passenger experience. In addition to the technological support, a £2 million prize fund has been set up to reward the drivers for improved driving performance. Within three years, it is estimated that First buses will produce 130,000 fewer tonnes of CO2 thanks to the DriveGreen project. This is equivalent to taking 24,000 cars off the road (Source EPA). This will help the firm achieve its climate change target to reduce CO2 emission levels in its entire UK Bus fleet by 25% by 2020. Distributed by Tubemogul.