Rumours Of Death Part2

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Blake's Seven Rumours Of Death Part Two


why couldn't the costume designer decide on one sleeve pattern for servalan--either she has two long sleeves, or a full beige pearl botice but not both at the same time. The colors really clash.
By harrietamidala1691 5 years ago
I don't know what I'd do if it was like the last episodes of Red Dwarf, that was absolutely butchered
By johnheritage 5 years ago
Unfortunately this site has not been letting me upload much recently. But I'd go as far as to say this series did lay the ball down for Firefly, and Farscape in particular!

The BBC's internal politics was tearing a lot of shows apart at the time, doctor who being the most known example. Good example of the outside world at the time when our country's leader Mrs Thatcher was tearing the country apart with politics in general.

However this series is still being made in audio form. That is a start! These things take time, usually if the audio is well received, it may be picked back up again. It's not likely right now but look how long it took to bring dr who back. That was after a not so good tv movie. I have hope it may happen, at some point. But it's not so likely since Farscape has already been there lately, as has Firefly.
By blakes7rocks 5 years ago
okay okay! stop blasting me with your knowledge! :p

I thought I'd seen all of B7 when you posted up the last of series 3. I was checking back every few hours until you got it all up and felt all sad that it might be last episode. Now some more. This series is just so good, I can't believe they chose to make DS9 and the new trek over running this further. The plot thickens up so nicely. It not like trek where each episode is it's own thing.
By johnheritage 5 years ago
Unless your in a country with a matriarchal structure, such as Asia, Africa, Minangkabau, Mosuo or Tuareg.
By blakes7rocks 5 years ago
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