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    Final Fantasy XIII Versus - Apocalypse Please

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    Hi! :D
    This is my second AMV...uhm...wait, it isn't an AMV!
    How do you call it? GMV? xD second music video!^^
    I really had a hard time with the timing, because everytime it changes to a new clip, my computer stucked up for a few seconds! x_X
    Well, but it turned out fine nevertheless I think! c:

    I really love Noctis, he is already my favourite character of the Final Fantasy series! *lol*
    I wish I could play this game, it'll be the most kick-ass game of the year! But I don't have a PS3! ._." Haha, maybe when they release the PS4 or PS5 it'll become so cheap that even I can buy it! xD

    Song is "Apocalypse Please" by Muse.