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    by medtour

    IVF in Mexico is about one third of the US price. Infertility treatments not only have a high doctors cost, but also there is a high cost of fertility drugs (medicines) . Both are more affordable in Mexico. There are a number of fertility clinics in various parts of Mexico. Medical Tourism corporation works with leading fertility clinics (IVF,egg donor,surrogacy,donor ivf, surrogate mothers,in vitro, icsi,infertility iui ) in Mexico, India, Turkey, Jordan & many other world class fertility tourism locations. Reproductive medicine is a very specialized field & the results depend a lot on not only the fertility ivf expert, but also on the quality & expertise of the lab & the laboratory personnel & training. Mini- IVF is another procedure that costs about half of the regular IVF in Mexico, The success rates are less but in cases it is recommended over standard Traditional IVF procedure.