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    Donna Loren as "Suzie" on "Batman" (The Cheerleader) 3/66

    Donna Loren

    by Donna Loren

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    Donna Loren plays The Joker's moll as "Suzie" in the popular two-part Batman episode "The Joker Goes to School" (3/2/66) and "He Meets His Match, the Grisly Ghoul" (3/3/66) on ABC. This clip is the plot set-up where Suzie is the "good girl" head cheerleader. But she's really working for The Joker, played by non other than Cesar Romero. Nick, the Joker's right-hand man is played by veteran actor Kip King (father of Chris Kattan of SNL fame). Batman/Bruce Wayne is played by Adam West and Robin/Dick Grayson is played by Burt Ward.

    Some trivia: On the 1966 Batman Message Board, Donna was #1 pick of 'Molls who changed sides and helped Batman". Donna felt that Cesar Romero transformed himself into The Joker character seamlessly. She learned to play her role in a more campy way from him. Most of the garments worn by Ms Loren on Batman were from her personal wardrobe. Ms Loren is currently in the studio again making music. More info: