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    What Is A 209A Hearing For Domestic Violence Cases In MA?


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    Video Transcript:
    In Massachusetts, a 209A hearing is authorized by Massachusetts general law 209A. It's a hearing in which a person claims that they are in fear of their domestic partner, or somebody else in their domestic setting. At first, that person goes there alone, asks for a restraining order, usually to keep the other person away. About a week or so later, the defense has another chance to come in and rebut that. It's not considered a criminal proceeding, but depending on how it ends up, one could follow very shortly. I'm Sam Goldberg, lead counsel for criminal defense matters at Altman & Altman, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I have 25 years of experience. If you're in trouble and you need someone in your corner, who cares and will fight for you, give me a call.