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    Maniac Mansion The New Saga Fan Game New Intro


    by Uancon2

    New Intro For Maniac Mansion The New Saga
    Fan Game based on a LucasFilmLucasArts
    LucasArts by George Lucas
    Original Designed and written by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick
    Original Background Art Harrison Fong
    Gary Winnick co-designed, co-wrote and did the original artwork and animation
    Original Scripts Ron Gilbert, David Fox
    Art Mike Ebert Aric Wilmunder co-scripted SCUMM
    Original Story Ron Gilbert, Aric Wilmunder
    Original Re-Script Ron Baldwin

    Adventure Game Studio Chris Jones
    Maniac Mansion Mania Base Backgrounds, Starterpacks,sprites
    Maniac Mansion The New Saga is based on Maniac Mansion.
    New Maniac Mansion Remix theme Meteor Edit By Bit Crusher
    Maniac Mansion The New Saga Game Intro is made by Rubacant
    Rubacant: New Story, Dialog Script, New Characters, New And Edited BackGrounds, Scripting
    Psycho Steve-o Ideas
    NsMn/edna_mausi Coding, backgrounds and help on main game.