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    by drcain

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    Dr. Craig Zion Cain is the founder of the Kiso Method. It was originally a chiropractic method but grew into a method of healing for massage therapists, physical therapists and acupuncturists. The Kiso Method influences the nervous system in many ways. It's used for severe disc injuries, radiating nerve pain and muscle spasm. The Kiso Method is taught in two manuals, manual one is for the low back, pelvis and thoracic spine and manual two is for the cervical spine and cranium. Manual one focuses on the lumbar disc and the third part of the cranial pump, the sacrum. Manual two focuses on influencing the cranio-sacral system and the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. It's a Japanese system of chiropractic that uses adjusting that is non force. Both manuals are translated into Japanese and both manuals come with a beautifully engineered DVD for at home study. We also have a self help book called "Secrets of healing back pain". You can find us at: