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    SCAW Superstar Clash 41 Pt4


    by Lonestarr022

    SCAW is on the Road To Blood, Sweat & Tears III.

    At No Guts No Glory, Abraham Lincoln has regained The SCAW Presidency. Rumor has it he plans on making a big impact on the first show with him is back in charge of SCAW.

    Only Match confirmed Thus Far for Clash # 41 is Green Lantern vs Prince of Persia for The SCAW Zero-One Championship.

    Superman retained The SCAW Championship at No Guts No Glory. He believes nothing will stop him from Headling Blood, Sweat & Tears III. The Road to Blodd, Sweat & Tears may have some roadblocks, though. We shall see.

    InuYasha won The 2009 SCAW Tournament, but the big news was the return of The Red and Blue of Spider-Man. What will both of these men have to say on Clash #41?

    Also, Guile, Homer Simpson, Ichigo Kurosaki, Ghost Rider, Santa Claus, Captain America, and more are expected to appear.