SwagBucks Hacks


by edwardchen79

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Sign up- http://swagbucks.com/refer/Snooperkidz
Once i get 25 referrals(i will know) and they must earn at least 1 swagbuck i will give you the hack. Also im not comfortable posting the swagbucks hack here because someone from swagbucks could be able to see it and try to stop it. This hack is sort of more like a glitch that enables you to earn 100-1000 swagbucks PER search.
Always wanted that ps3? Now you can, all i need is 25 refferals and people must be earning by searching and the hack will be yours. Thank You!

Swagbucks IS:
an awesome website where you can earn your everyday little desires. (ipod touch, video games, and many other things.) The easy part is that you earn points just by finding codes using it tells you in the facebook fan page and by searching like you would on google. Once you have a certain amount of swagbucks you can purchased something. With my hack getting a ps3 will be very simple or any other prizes.