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    Caretek is the endoscope manufacturer located in Korea. Caretek is presently manufacturing the industrial endoscope IN-VISION and developing medial endoscopes. IN-VISONs probe outer diameter is 6.8mm. Working Length is 1.5m~5m. Its the representative non-destructive inspection equipment. Its is used for inspecting the inside of machinery, engine, tube and pipe etc. For the automotive, it is hard to check the inside of it. But INVISION can inspect the engine only if the sparkling-plug is simply removed. With Camera steering system of 90°, 180° on both the left and right sides, insert INVISION into the inside and then inspect the ventilation valve, cylinder and pistons inside. Through the monitor, observe the abrasion condition or abnormal part. For tubes or pipes, possibly inspect the inside without cutting or dismantling even though they are bent or folded at right angle. With the monitor, observe the inside corrosion or scratch condition.