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    How To Get Ripped Abs with Rancho Cucamonga Boot Camp

    Let me ask you two questions. First, how many sit ups have you done to date, but still not seen any visible signs of a six pack? Secondly, how many pieces of home gym equipment have you stored under the bed or in the garage that you didn't touch after New Year's Day?

    The truth is that you gave up on these things a long time ago because they flat out do not work, am I right?

    It's the same reason overweight people jump from fad diet to fad diet every 3 months...and it's the same reason that these fad diets generate billions in revenue from desperate people looking to lose weight. It's also the same reason why every day, you see a new machine, patch, plan or system that promises you the best body ever without you doing anything.

    It's selling a dream that people simply buy into every time, without even thinking about it.

    But just think about it for a second, if those fads actually worked, then why are so many new ones being released each day, week, month or year?