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    Evidence of Yeti?


    by DiagonalView

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    Too right, BlackDynamite. Too right.
    By bosszeroboss7 years ago
    Rayfield Angrum
    With all the technology we have with digital camera's, Satellites and what not, and there's Still not One picture of this thing? Just a few large, clumpy, made up lookin Foot prints? Please. I hope they show Something close to this Yeti in the whole episode.
    By Rayfield Angrum7 years ago
    Um, maybe they can hook up with those guys who found the corpse of Bigfoot! Yeah, they could go on a world tour together: 'Bigfoot & Yeti: The Strangers Among Us' tour. It'd be a money-making machine!
    By bosszeroboss7 years ago
    Guys! I finally realized where that footprint come from! There was a camper with Club Feet out there in the Wilderness! It was that, or a friend of mine named Lowell. I'm going to call him right now and see if he's been out in the woods again. We Southerner's always go barefoot, even when we hunt in the Northern Mountain Regions!
    By Michael7 years ago
    "Josh Gates and his crew present the evidence","an American TV crew found",people running around with cameras looking official and Josh Gates (who the Hell is he?)says,"it looks anthropomorphically correct"...This is total crap.
    By seagoon17 years ago
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