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    Spyro 3 LP - Evening Lake Item Collection (Part 1)

    Sum Gai

    by Sum Gai

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    Denise Perry
    Agent 9's level is honestly absolutely terrible when you've never even heard of the FPS genre before, which I hadn't at that age. The concept of not being able to see all around your character is completely foreign. The buttons for walking left and right suddenly don't do what they do in every other part of the game, and you end up getting hit because you tried to run away and ended up just turning in place. The L1 and R1 buttons only enter your mind after you've been hit for making that exact mistake. But with only (effectively) four HP, doing that can easily prove deadly, which means you have to start over.

    I'm sure this level is fantastic when you've had FPS experience before. Now that I'm older, with more gaming experience, I certainly didn't find it nearly as hard as I used to, and I had even forgotten about the secret gun. But when FPS is just thrust upon you during a platformer, with no warning or tutorial, it becomes the worst thing in the game.
    By Denise Perry3 years ago
    The reason the life comes in increments of 33 (or 25 if you have the extra hit point) is another Doom reference, since Doom HP is out of 100. You still have the same number of hits, but it's "Doom-ified".
    By saphroneth3 years ago
    wow ! the quality has improved !
    By smajin7 years ago