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    Bye Bye ~ Ms. Beauty

    Tsz Yin Lam

    by Tsz Yin Lam



    Terry Wilson
    Liked it. It reminds me of Homer, a community cat who expired on 21 July 2007. He was black, but his friend Cleo was calico, and she moved out a short time later. Beauty's cute. She doesn't look aristocratic either. Cleo was so aristocratic, she makes the Aristocats (Disney) look like Mother Theresa. I saw a lady typing on her computer, and when she reached for her coffee, Cleo casually jumped up on her desk and began a purring nap on the keyboard.
    By Terry Wilson6 years ago
    Tsz Yin Lam
    Comments are important!~ha~
    By Tsz Yin Lam7 years ago