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    euromaxx highlights | 27.07.2009

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    On this edition: Lord of the Manor Constantin Trettler30 year-old Constantin Trettler isn't a typical Berlin student - on weekends he's also the owner and manager of a castle hotel he inherited in northeast Germany.
    The World's Biggest Open-Air Art Gallery on the German Baltic Sea island of Rügen, a holiday resort built by the Nazis that stretches for four kilometers along the beach is being transformed into a giant display space for works by artists from all around the globe.
    Fiat Heir Lapo ElkannOne of the heirs to Italy's Fiat empire, Lapo Elkann, used to be known for his playboy, jet-setting lifestyle. Now he's gaining recognition as a fashion designer with his very own label.
    Photographer Oliver MöstPhotographer Oliver Möst from Germany has made the most of his visual impairment by producing the same effect in his pictures.