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    Vemma Nutrition | Dr. Phil Show | Insanely Healthy ...

    William Bryant

    by William Bryant

    366 views Vemma Nutrition was recently featured on the Dr. Phil show for their verve energy drink. The company boasts it being "insanely healthy" a potion of nutrition in a bottle. So lots of Vemma reps are talking about how their product was on Dr. Phil, it's a great social proof move! I mean, if your product ends up on Dr. Phil that's almost as good as being on Orpah, right? Who cares, I like Dr. Phil better anyways ;-) But either way, Vemma nutrition is pushing their Verve drink on the market that is already drenched in nutritional health drinks and juices. Which is not to say it's not good, I hear it's great! It just may be an oversaturated market. Heck, if Dr. Phil says Vemma is good, it must be right? But I digress, I looked into Vemma and think they have an excellent product. However I came across a network marketing business that would allow me to make more money per month that I could in Vemma, without forcing people to add new money in the marketplace. Check it out! But whatever you guys like, there's a free ebook there waiting for you whether you join my team or not. Even if you're a VEMMA distributor and you're watching this video,, go grab the ebook! It will be worth it to you to learn how to promote your awesome energy drink in today's market! Let me know how I can help YOU! William Bryant 864-881-1234 and vemma direct selling does vemma in vemma mangosteen juice mangosteen vemma mlm opportunities mlm opportunity my vemma residual income vemma builder vemma business vemma business opportunity vemma com vemma com backoffice vemma drink vemma home vemma international vemma net vemma nutrition vemma nutrition program vemma online vemma phone vemma reviews vemma scam vemma site vemma tools vemma training vemma verve vemma video vemma vitamin vemma vs www vemma www vemma com