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Dirtyphonics Live 23 Juillet Les plages Elelctroniques

il y a 9 ans8.7K views

Dirtyphonics have been smashing up the biggest parties worldwide with their heavy tunes and amazing live act since 2006. Pho, Playte, Capskod, and Pitch-In are Paris’ own Dirtyphonics.

Dirtyphonics’ highly anticipated “French Fuck” and “Bonus Level” were unleashed on Shimon’s AudioPorn Records and immediately became number one in the Drum and Bass Arena charts, causing absolute mayhem on dancefloors around the globe. Recently after, in March 2009, AudioPorn released “The Quarks E.P.” which features MC Tali, Shimon and Disaszt, long awaited return of Ram Trilogy, and of course Dirtyphonics with “ The Secret” and “Quarks” which has exploded worldwide and has branched out and created a huge buzz in many different genres of music outside of the Drum and Bass scene!

“Dirtyphonics are these guys, already boasting a contender for tune of 2009 – "Quarks" on Shimon’s AudioPorn label.” Knowledge Magazine

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Dirtyphonics Live 23 Juillet Les plages Elelctroniques
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