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    Peter Charaf

    par Peter Charaf

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    A source of experience.
    Freeriding was born with the first skiers. Generation after generation they contributed to built a common experience that benefits each one of todays' freerider. Anyone can find there the necessary knowledge to be able to developp his own skills and push his own limits as well as the sports' limits further.
    From the highest peaks of the Sierra Nevada to the Materhorn, crossing the snowy forests of Caucasus, the swiss pro-snowboarder Cyril Neri shares his passion for mountain by recalling his memory of the past 10 years of his carreer. Follow his track during the Freeride World Tour. This movie leads us to discover an entire season of travelling the planet but also some secret spots of the Alps with some of the best riders of the moment, among which Sven Mermod, José Carron, Xavier de Le Rue, Alex Coudray, Henrik Windstedt, Cody Townsend and many others.

    Director: Peter Charaf
    Production: Peter Pow Production