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    Debate: FEMA Camps Trains Trucks Busses and Coffins + Swine


    by Nick

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    chad roberts
    if its true then me commenting I am putting myself in jeopardy, I like your reporting without personal emotion or feelings. Good job, it may be true.
    By chad roberts6 years ago
    mathieu blouin
    I agree all this looks pritty bad indeed what you need to know is in europe the lisbone treaty is on is way to be sign...
    wich would take away from the countrys any sort of independance they have left...
    and canada like many others is part of the commonwelf (queen of england) in the second world war when england want to war canada honoris duty to de queen so America is the last realy free country there is in the way of the anglodutchbanking empire that they are trying to attempt... You most resist cause then china, russia and Iran will be under direct treath wich could lead to ww3...
    By mathieu blouin6 years ago
    The fact camps are ready (with their full time employees), that flu story, makes think it will happen soon. But also, there is a large highway under construction (or on project), and this is not over... Hard to know when there are gonna get rid of their masks and become dictators, officially, or in a more evident manner for more people.
    By CURIOSITOS7 years ago