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    Peter Charaf

    par Peter Charaf

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    A skate road-trip to eastern Europe.
    Paul and Louis are 2 teenagers enjoying skating around the Geneva lake. The adventure starts when they encounter the swiss pro-skater Micky Iglesias and his two team mates Basile Amacher and Jerôme Collomb.
    This initiatic road trip leads us to discover the eastern skate scene in Prague during the Mystic cup a world cup event as well as the European championships in Bâle (Switzerland).
    Louis is more keen on BMX but willing to improve his skating level by learning tricks with his new friends. Paul is much more confident in his skating skills but does this reflect the reality?
    All the best skaters of the planet among which Sandro Dias, Terence Bougdour, Frederik Austbo, Mathias Ringström, Daniel Vieira, Joris Brichet, Neal Hendrix, Simon Stachon, Juergen Hormarth, Rüne Glifberg, and many others are presented through their breathtaking actions in this docu-fiction movie.
    Director: Peter Charaf
    Production: Peter Pow Production