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    The Last Airbender Controversy Rant


    by rossandchrisreviews

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    I don't know who JordanJefferson is, but he pretty much covered the racism part. However, there was more wrong with the movie than just the cast. The mispronunciation of simple and key names (Aang and Sokka in particular), completely skipping key plot points (Kyoshi Island) and a misrepresentation of some bending powers (earth in particular) makes the movie bad w/o even touching the cast. To be honest, with the exception of Aang's actor, I could have just dealt with the casting.
    By DragoRidley174 years ago
    Jefferson Jordan
    They're crying fowl because white actors are being chosen for characters whom are naturally assumed to being asian particularly because it's clearly an asian-themed world, with clear asian customs, clear asian writing, clear asian clothes, and whose overall appearances lean towards far east asian features. Theses people cry fowl because clear and obvious racism, and so do I, an African American, because I thought we left John Wayne playing Genghis Khan back in the '50's.
    By Jefferson Jordan6 years ago
    I couldn't explain it any better, you said exactly what I've been thinking. But also, most of the main characters don't even look Asian in the series. I do wish however that they would have found someone with a darker skin tone for Katara and Sokka, in the show their skin is darker (obviously because they're an Eskimo-like people), but the actor they have for Sokka does have very similar facial features. Thanks for the rant, I'm glad someone spoke up for it.
    By pernanjp6 years ago