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    by ED ASKEW

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    this is me talking about my tiple. and playing a bit.

    he put down the tiple
    annoyed at the weight
    of the new wooden case
    he had been carrying around
    and sat on a bench
    while waiting for the train
    to New York
    and i think
    that it is true
    that we are sometimes
    punished for our
    idiotic thoughts or moods
    for when the train arrived
    he just
    stood up
    and entered
    the train
    leaving the tiple behind
    and now some 22 years later
    he has apparently been forgiven
    for this momentary lapse
    by someone
    who never knew he was ever annoyed
    by the weight of the tiple
    and case
    because that lovely man
    who was the one
    who found the lost tiple
    has tracked him down
    and returned it