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    Lick It Pull It Love It Suck It by Clint Crisher


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    Clint Crisher

    by Clint Crisher

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    Lick It Pull It Love It Suck It by Clint Crisher from The Hot Boys World Volume 2 CD released by Crisher Entertainment contains 12 tracks. Ten sexy tracks by International billboard breakout artist Clint Crisher and two tracks from the Australian group Hot2Go who are one of the hottest current Australian tickets out there, and for good reason.Hot2Go are Lee Lee Ingram and Brendan Watterson. Their thorough understanding of dance rhythms, polished arrangements, and entendre-laced lyrics makes them instantly more visible in the mass of faceless club and inspirational trance anthems that crowd the floor. They also have a knack for releasing unashamedly gay-oriented music with class and verve. This album contains songs which have a prime bump'n'grind sound, great slide blues loops, and terminally oversexed lyrics. Breathy falsetto/orgasmic tenor vocals and brilliant double-entendres, file this album under the next generation of Prince in the folder marked "Great Albums About/For Fucking."