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Make Money Online Easily www.ZeroFrictionMarketingSite.Com

8 years ago17 views


rogdaily Each module contains several detailed videos, and when I say detailed I mean very detailed...Some of the videos are 30 minutes long by itself and cover everything in a step by step process.

This is the part of the course that I really liked because I know beginners will be able to watch and follow along even if they are not familiar with basic skills.

The entire course is based around CPA offers which means you can get paid by someone simply visiting your website and filling out a form. This could be simply their first name and email address, or something that requires more info like their phone number or address but either way this form of marketing is very profitable because the visitor typically doesn't have to pull out their credit card and buy anything so you don't have to sell the prospect on anything.

Most of the time the offers that you are promoting are FREE which makes it even easier to get people to convert which takes the friction out of having to sell the prospect, hence the term Zero Friction Marketing.

The type of material covered is not being taught anywhere and I can promise you that the concepts and blueprints are fresh and relevant to what works on the Internet today.

Remember, Saj P generated huge incomes online from CPA's and created a entire product on it Affiliate Payload long before anyone even knew what CPA's were. Since I have already studied that course intensively I know the information in ZFM is very relevant and is top notch.