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    Garmin-Asus to release phone you shouldn’t consider buying


    by TechVi

    Typically we stay a bit more neutral when it comes to gadgets, and we love to give companies the benefit of the doubt before products hit store shelves, but after two years of waiting for a GPS-Phone hybrid from Garmin, who makes great stand-alone GPS units, we’ve come to realize the company might want to stick to what it’s good at. In the time we’ve been waiting for the Nuvifone to materialize on shelves, in Taiwan today, mind you, we’ve seen countless phones that deliver on the promise of GPS… as well as media playback, independent applications, and so many more features that make the Nuvfone seem pretty, well, pointless. If you can’t tell, we’re pretty much writing this device off right now. We bring in VP of Interpret, Michael Gartenberg, and Engadget’s Ross Miller to sort out the mess. Why would a device come out like this? In what scenario would we actually recommend it as a useful device? Who’s the target? Why should Garmin even bother? Just watch the show, we’ll try to help Garmin-Asus get this device to America with a shred of a shot of selling 10 phones. Distributed by Tubemogul.